Biz + Mindset Coaching for Multipassionate Rebels!

Does this sound familiar?
1-You have too many passions to choose just one.
2-You have trouble answering the question “So, what do you do?” in the singular.
3-You tried the “pick one thing” route and were totally into it, but then suddenly got boo-ored and completely “over it.”

(Yes, I live in your head!)

The conventional way of doing biz as usual, the one that forces you to choose one niche, is so frustrating. But that’s what everybody tells you to do, right? Even many people that claim to be multipassionate give that advice. It usually boils down to some variety of choose one thing and keep the rest as hobbies. Same old, same old. (Insert eye roll.)

As a result, you stay stuck in analysis paralysis or you just keep hopping from thing to thing to thing.

How can you possibly pick one thing without closing the door on something else?


Ready to rebel against the status quo? If so, I can help! I’m not like other “traditional” biz coaches. I understand the multipassionate mind because I’m one too! Instead of forcing you to pick one thing, we’re going to use your pluralist superpowers as the focus of your business and life, working in flexibility and variety, so you don’t lose interest. No more leaving things out and squeezing into boxes! It’s magical! And it will be just the thing that sets you apart from the crowd!

Together we’ll mix your passions, talents, and interests into a unique business, while still appealing to mainstream society because “I do a bit of everything,” doesn’t sell.

Let the rebellion begin! (Or, you can keep googling things for the next 12 months. ;)

Step 1 - Book a Rebel Rouser initiation session.

This package includes one 60 minute action packed strategy session. This time can be spent so many ways. We can:

-brainstorming business ideas,

-figuring out which passions you want to monetize and which to keep as hobbies, (sometimes monetizing a passion can suck the joy out of it)

-deciding whether or not you should combine your passions or keep them separate,

-discovering potential ways to connect the dots between your many passions,

-or discussing ways to grow an existing business.

You can also use this time to ask me any burning multipassionate questions you have. At the end of the session, I’ll leave you with some actionable steps you can get started on right away. $222

This call will also serve to make sure we are in alignment with each other, if you wanted to work together to combine your passions for your own Full Rebellion.

Step 2 -Full Rebellion.

This package includes 8 weekly 45 minute coaching sessions + email access. So, you want to combine your passions to create one online business that is 100% you? Great! Let’s start the process of launching your own multipassionate rebellion! This starts with a central theme that brings together many of your passions, talents, and interests. Since each path is individual and everyone moves at their own pace, here are some other possible topics we can cover:

-brainstorming title and tagline ideas,

-discussing the essential pages and elements you need on your website,

-what services to offer,

-creating your beta test offer,

-how much to charge $$$,

-getting your first paying client,

-getting testimonials,

-and more!

-We’ll also deal with any limiting beliefs that pop up along the way.

I’ll leave you with specific strategies to help you grow your own rebellion. This VIP program is by invite only and only open to people who have booked a Rebel Rouser initiation session.

2 Month VIP Coaching Package includes:

  • 8 Weekly 45 minute coaching calls

  • Weekly Action Tasks (because clarity comes from action)

  • VIP Email Support (so you’re not left hanging between sessions)

  • Insider Guidance (thanks anyway, bestie/ colleague / Mom/Dad/ partner!)

I will be right there with you, cheering you on and holding you accountable to show up and do the work, but I can’t force you. You have to have that burning desire and willingness to do what it takes to let your inner rebel out!

Rule breakers wanted!

*Additional months can be purchased if you want more coaching and guidance

Who coaching is NOT For:

People who are looking for a quick fix or are in dire financial situations. Building your personal rebellion business takes time and work. If you’re looking to make money instantly, this is not for you.

Super experienced business owners. I work with beginners and intermediate multipassionate rebels who have a bunch of passions and are struggling to make it all work together. If you’re already Oprah, you can just x out now. ;)

Specialists, duh. They just can’t relate to the way the multipassionate mind works. All the swirling passions together stuff would totally stress them out.

Got Questions?

I’ve got answers. Contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Viva la Rebellion!